The Middle Ages, Cornell & Drawing

The Middle Ages  This weeks lecture on the middle ages was very interesting, i found myself wanting more and Google searched more images of Gothic Cathedrals.  It is very true that in today’s world we think of these places as Imax theaters, and their vast spaces amaze me how they could create something so large and yet very beautiful.  The rose windows were breathtaking with all the natural sunlight.  I found it interesting how that one Cathedral kept burning down and they rebuilt it but used a different style, and didn’t just try to copy the existing architecture.  I feel that goth and Gothic are two different things, although  it was pretty funny to see the jewelry side by side. church   Joseph Cornell After the lecture I found myself lost in images of his wonder cabinets.  I didn’t quite understand how intricate they actually were until i was zooming in and I wanted to be like Alice and take them apart and look even closer at each piece. My hangout group of the week also thought the Alice story was quite funny. We also talked about how some of us in the group could relate to his imagination and not even have to travel (pintrest)  One piece that stuck out to me was this: cornell2 I kept thinking that those were little doors that could be opened and have objects inside.   I also thought about how life could be like one of these doors and you have to open them up to see what is in store for your life. Drawing  This week I watched the video on drawing my name in bubble letters, and had more fun than i expected.  I also decided to do my painting project early, but that post will be next week.  But for now here is my attempt at my bubble letters. image (4)

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