Renaissance Baroque, Meurent, & Spray Painting

Renaissance & Baroque

Now beginning to move to the right of the flow chart and into the 15th Century, starting at the bottom, art is reawakened. only taking twenty-five years to go from the early renaissance to get to the High Renaissance artists such as Leonardo da Vinci creates his famous Mona Lisa painting in 1505. It’s crazy to see how the painting is displayed and how many people visit it each day, it makes me think if  da Vinci every could have imagined people in today’s world standing in line to see his paintings. Also i see the Vitruvian Man picture in many books and really never knew that is was also done by the same artist.  In my hangout with  we talked about the painting Raphael created about his girlfriend, and how that same painting influenced other artists in later year’s. We both also thought it was strange that the carpenters for the Chapel created an entirely new steeple , but they could have easily just copied the  steeple right next to it.  Finally the clicker questions that were asked about the statues was hilarious!


Hangout with Julia

Hangout with Julia



Victorine Meurent 

This artist slash model for other artists is very interesting in the fact that while doing other research on her i only found paintings of her face.  Also in our hangout, we found it fascinating that for the art piece that is on the book cover she seems so calm and collected and she was only nineteen at the time.  We also started pondering about the question about her being a real artist or just a model for others….. which then brought us back to thinking about what is art, and this can be interpreted in many different definitions so it ultimately depends on the individual.






Spray Painting 

I went to Venice beach on the weekend of the 26th, and was greeted by an awesome man who goes by his street name Lost.  He then said his name was Jobe.  Jobe taught me many different tricks and tips to achieving that perfect painting.  From holding the can at a different angle to code words if i ever want to spray paint on a freeway and the cops show up….. the code word is  “one time”, that means you drop the can and run like crazy! It was a great experience, and i learned so much, i will definitely be heading back there to possibly paint more. Here my creation!!!

photo (2)

photo (1)


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