19th Century, Nikki Lee, & Instagram

19th Century

This weeks art history talk was awesome, I am truly beginning to understand the different time periods of art and how things have evolved into what art is today.  I had no idea about the encyclopedia, i was fascinated that there were only 4,000 copies originally made it sounds like nothing, but i’m sure back in that time 4,000 was a lot.  Also to realize that exactly 250 years later Wikipedia would be created, it amazing to think of how much something as simple as a book could grow to be something so huge in our lives, and then fall back to being nothing more than a paper weight on desks as we ask Siri to find the information for us, and most likely bringing up the Wikipedia site in the process.  Moving into the Realism portion of the lecture the part about how realism art was actually portrayed was cool to learn about.  The part about how realism art is about the content of the piece, and the Stone Breakers piece of art was a beautiful depiction!  In the Impression era i remembered back to my high school years in art class sitting in class making my 4 inch square that was eventually be a bigger part of the starry night painting, and not really caring what was going on, because all i wanted to do was go to lunch.  I now am realizing that that painting was and still is a big part of art history, and is so beautiful, and many people know of this piece of art.  The painting from Jacque Louis David and all of your past students renditions was funny to see, i might have to create my own one of these days.

david painting


Nikki S. Lee

  This weeks artist of the week was Nikki Lee, she has by far been very different from the other artists we have studied in the past.  I love that her art captures her in every shot. The way she tried to fit into each so called “click” of people was fun and new, she didn’t let her ethnicity and gender stop her from her art.  This type of casual photography is what made me think of all the instagram pictures, and made me realize that each one of us is kind of like a Nikki Lee.  




Like stated before i loved to see the casual photography that each one of the students posted on Wednesday! Some of the pictures were crazy to see how good a cell phone and different effects could make a picture come to life.  Seeing what each student was doing throughout the day was fun to see the hashtag! These were mine and some of my favorites:

photo (4)

photo (3)


Google Hangout

😦 Sometimes the internet hates me and during the hangout i lost connection, and by the time i was able to fix it, it was too late. I managed to snap this photo before i was shutdown.






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