Aesthetics Beauty, Romanticism, Cardiff & Prototyping

History Talk 

This weeks history lecture was not really history but more of an informational learning experience.  Learning what aesthetics really is and how it uses beauty to define itself opened my eyes to what beauty really is.  In our discussion group we talked for quite a long time about what beauty is thought of in today’s eyes, and how one must be a celebrity to be truly beautiful.  I believe what John Keates when he stated beauty is truth, truth beauty.  I also believe what Hamlet said that beauty can lie.  Its a fine line between the both.  The Birth of Venus painting was beautiful, but i can also see how it does not truly represent the world at that particular time.  The part about Romanticism was interesting, I never looked at it this deeply before.


Janet Cardiff

I was truly impressed by her her audio tour!!! The video that i watched of her at the train station was awesome, and tripped me out when she pointed herself out on the platform at the very end of the film. She style of art is really cool, it was fun to hear her change her voice for different effects throughout the film.  I would love to actually take one of her audio tours one time!!



I had a hard time being creative with this activity.  Until it dawned on me when i spilled my In N Out cup all over my car, that i needed to build cup holders for my car.  Ever since i got my car i have never found cup holders that fit, because i have 4X4 there is no room for a plastic set!  The struggle was real! many times i would end up driving with one hand on the wheel while the other is frozen holding my iced coffee.  It was time for an idea! My first idea was to duck tape a small box to the under side of my radio to hold my drink, but there was not enough duck tape to make it secure.  So i thought that if one day i could get two strong magnets i could place one on either side of my glove box and place the box there to hold my drinks… i haven’t found the magnets yet but i think you catch my drift!!


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