Abstraction, Representation, Mattes, & Random People

Abstraction & Representation 

This weeks focus in history was nice to see how different art pieces that we have previously studied all tied into this lecture.  The comment that Courbet made to art students in 1861 was weird to think about “art is only real and existing objects”… for me i love to see an persons imagination take over and see what they come up with, whether it be something real or completely made up.  I liked seeing some of Kandinsky’s works, and see how he was motivated by Monet to create color, shape, and space, as well as Kandinsky’s realization that its okay if you truly don’t understand a piece of art, and how you can later understand what it means.  In this weeks hangout it was only Heather, Jessica and myself, so we had a great girl chat about how all three of us preferred abstract art over representational, giving the pieces more meaning. 


Eva & Franco Mattes

The hangout really came alive when we discussed the picture of Mickey holding the plate of bones and how we all share a love for Disney.  These two artists have a unique style of portraying their art in a fashion that almost makes me angry at them for creating it, but on the flip side makes me take a step back and think about how creative that was.  For example the picture of her playing Pac-Man and the toxic fumes coming out into the air.

hangout 2


Random People

I decided that since i was going to a country concert this past weekend that i would dress up in my boots, and hat, and talk to random people at the concert. I can still remember asking this one guy, “hey what do you think my major is?”, and half intoxicated he replied a professional bull rider, and i thought that was pretty cool lol.  Another woman by the name of Brittney who sat in the row behind me took a look at me and my attire, and studied it for a second, looked at my body type and said “fitness”, which is pretty close to P.E so i was impressed. Many people didn’t want to answer my question and kept walking by, but not one person got it correct. It was a great experience trying to see if they could figure out that in all actuality i wear gym shorts and sunscreen all day and play sports with children.  Who knows maybe ill start riding bulls lol 

concert 1

– bull rider

-Fitness (2)


– Communications 

– Dancer

– Athlete 

– Math


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