Teach One 

For this weeks activity, i chose to teach my Niece how to spray paint her name! I remembered way back to the day at the beach when she wanted to try but wasn’t old enough, so i felt this week it would be awesome to let her experience it.  Being a teaching major i let her first try discovery learning. so basically she had the freedom to draw out a rough sketch of how she would want to paint her name.  Then when it came to the actual painting, i gave her tips that i learned from Jobe at Venice Beach.

# 1 Don’t be afraid of messing up, you can fix it later

#2 Don’t move the can, move your whole body, to avoid uneven lines

#3 There is no wrong way to make your own art piece

#4 Black is always the last color to use, and will n=make your piece shine!


Passing on these tips lead to this lovely picture:

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (1)


Even though the wind was not in her favor, she still did an awesome job and listened to all instructions!!

O and Hammy is my Nephew Abraham

* RIP a small patch of painted grass my Dad will find later.



The Art of Our Time 

First and foremost I have learned that summer classes can be awesome!! Throughout these past 12 weeks i have experienced a plethora of informational lectures and discussions dating back hundreds of years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I feel that art can be a part of my professional career.  Being in physical education it might seem difficult to thing of art in that setting, but i want my students to have every opportunity to learn different avenues of life and culture.  With the knowledge i have gained from this class i can create lesson plans that could involve fitness and some sort of a walking art tour we learned about.  Or another idea for my special needs students could be finger painting (my favorite)!  It is true what Professor Zucman stated, “this is not the last, but the first week of art”.  I will continue learning and carrying the knowledge i have gained from this class!




Andy Warhol 

I feel that Andy Warhol was most impact with his “easy art”, in today’s modern society i see copies of Warhol paintings on stickers, t-shirts, and instagram walls.   After watching some of his films, i could see why people don’t really know he was also a film maker.  It was so true that he went the opposite direction from a Hollywood type of film.  For my personally i like his pop art pieces, they are just what i have always associated him with and are  pleasing to the eye.


warhol 1

ART 110

Three Favorite Activities

1. Spray Painting – awesome to see that i can actually do it, and it was fun to be in the atmosphere at the beach.

2. Instagram- a great way to see how other students in the class were doing on the particular day.

3. Video Introduction- cool using software, and building a video, and seeing other students in the class.


Three Least Favorite Activities 

1. Prototype – It was difficult for me to think of an idea, i think i was having a artistic mental block that week.

2. ?  I cant think of any other activities that weren’t fun!!

3. ?

Best Part of Class

The lecture videos were great, and didn’t even feel like a lecture! They were always fun to watch and learn more information.  Also the activities, were lots of fun, being able to actually make those video instructions come alive.


What Should Go?

Maybe the video chats, i liked being able to have the text chats where ever i happened to be.  The text chats were more flexible, and having one person being the leader and having an open time each week was great.



I will be continuing my webpage of many years to come! I will be changing it to a fitness and nutrition blog, as well as having my professional resume and physical education information on different links!!

21st Century, Joseph DeLapppe, & Instillation

21st Century Art

First off i cant believe it is already week eleven, time has flown by! Secondly this weeks art history talk was interesting, learning about the newer art avenues.  The use of technology has opened new horizons for what art can be defined as. Digital art, was talked about most and covered many different areas, such as GPS, and data visualization.  The woman who created a data space that spelled out the word VOTE across the United States was awesome!! Chris Jordan’s art piece about the plastic bottles amazed me not only with the graphic photograph and detail, but also with the harsh statistic! Lastly the thought of thinking images, and how a so called fake or modified version of a vacation picture might be better than the real picture.  The fake picture could really capture what it felt like being there. 


Joseph DeLappe 

Another performance artist, who took the world of gaming and involved historical and political figures, and received mixed reviews.  The art piece that really struck me was how he went on the war video game and read off the names of the actual soldiers who were killed in the War.  I was shocked that not all the people playing that game were taking a minute to think about what they were doing and respect these men and women who actually go out and risk their life, and not sit on their butt and pretend to kill the enemy.  



For this weeks student’s choice art, i chose to create an instillation piece on the beach.  With some help from my friends and sand toys we created an awesome castle complete with a mote and boat.  I had fun watching young kids walk past us and watching with jealous eyes as we were creating this awesome structure!! 


photo 1

photo (5)


Free Culture, Aaron Swartz, & Landscape

Free Culture

This weeks lecture struck me both while watching the video, and after during my hangout out with my group.  During the lecture i thought the words slave and pirate were perfect descriptions of how people in today’s society create and steal from each other.  I too am guilty of some of those mentioned topics of conversation. But as Sinji stated in our discussion i totally agree with paying a small price in order to legally own a copy of someones original creation. I want to be more of a citizen! photo 1

Aaron Swartz 

It was truly amazing to learn about this young man and all that he accomplished at such a young age.  It was also tragic learning that he passed away.  His stand on trying to create social good and new ways for people to interact and share was amazing to learn about!! Just think what he could have accomplished if he could still been alive! 


I decided that i would “barrow” my dads chainsaw while he was gone for the day, and pretended i was killed in an accident in my backyard. It was pretty funny having my mom pour fake blood over me and have my sister take the picture. I think it came out pretty good!!

photo 4


photo 3

photo 2