Free Culture, Aaron Swartz, & Landscape

Free Culture

This weeks lecture struck me both while watching the video, and after during my hangout out with my group.  During the lecture i thought the words slave and pirate were perfect descriptions of how people in today’s society create and steal from each other.  I too am guilty of some of those mentioned topics of conversation. But as Sinji stated in our discussion i totally agree with paying a small price in order to legally own a copy of someones original creation. I want to be more of a citizen! photo 1

Aaron Swartz 

It was truly amazing to learn about this young man and all that he accomplished at such a young age.  It was also tragic learning that he passed away.  His stand on trying to create social good and new ways for people to interact and share was amazing to learn about!! Just think what he could have accomplished if he could still been alive! 


I decided that i would “barrow” my dads chainsaw while he was gone for the day, and pretended i was killed in an accident in my backyard. It was pretty funny having my mom pour fake blood over me and have my sister take the picture. I think it came out pretty good!!

photo 4


photo 3

photo 2

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