21st Century, Joseph DeLapppe, & Instillation

21st Century Art

First off i cant believe it is already week eleven, time has flown by! Secondly this weeks art history talk was interesting, learning about the newer art avenues.  The use of technology has opened new horizons for what art can be defined as. Digital art, was talked about most and covered many different areas, such as GPS, and data visualization.  The woman who created a data space that spelled out the word VOTE across the United States was awesome!! Chris Jordan’s art piece about the plastic bottles amazed me not only with the graphic photograph and detail, but also with the harsh statistic! Lastly the thought of thinking images, and how a so called fake or modified version of a vacation picture might be better than the real picture.  The fake picture could really capture what it felt like being there. 


Joseph DeLappe 

Another performance artist, who took the world of gaming and involved historical and political figures, and received mixed reviews.  The art piece that really struck me was how he went on the war video game and read off the names of the actual soldiers who were killed in the War.  I was shocked that not all the people playing that game were taking a minute to think about what they were doing and respect these men and women who actually go out and risk their life, and not sit on their butt and pretend to kill the enemy.  



For this weeks student’s choice art, i chose to create an instillation piece on the beach.  With some help from my friends and sand toys we created an awesome castle complete with a mote and boat.  I had fun watching young kids walk past us and watching with jealous eyes as we were creating this awesome structure!! 


photo 1

photo (5)


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